Do Your Pants Sag Low?

Personal responsibility has become about as rare as a lion’s dinner. There once was a time in which people did self-assessments, following unfavorable occurrences or outcomes. People had no problem looking at themselves in the… More

The Anti-Ghetto Pledge: We REFUSE To Be Identified By Poverty and Ignorance

Just because you are in the ghetto, that doesn’t mean the ghetto has to be in you. There is no shame in being from the hood, but why “represent” as if you are not allowed… More

Changing the Culture: Should Single, Immoral Women with Children Be Marginalized?

I know that many of you are already preparing a stake for me because of the title of this post. Hold your gasoline and your torches and give me your ears:

We’ve Been Away, But We’re Making a Comeback On Twitter!

The Urban Counterculture is still online, although we have been taking some time to regroup.

Follow us on Twitter as we emerge once again in social media, working to change the lives of… More

Democrats and Republicans Can Learn From The Urban Conservative Movement by Akindele Akinyemi

The current trend of politics in the United States have taken a turn for the worse. While the Democratic and Republican Parties are bankrupt on ideas and innovation its time for people

A Marriage Between Global Education and Global Investors by Akindele Akinyemi

Education is important to develop the world’s most valuable resource: our children.

In a world where 61 million children are not in primary school and 25,000 girls are forced into marriage and taken out… More

Obama Campaign Insults Black Communities, Offers Free Food for Votes

Here at The Urban Counterculture, we tend to keep our political discussions related to policy directives. We don’t even share all of the same political ideologies, so we certainly don’t use this blog to bash… More


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